Bradford Wills

Operations Improvement

With a Background in Chemical engineering, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Manufacturing operations, Brad is well equipped to deal with most business problems. His creative flair brings a unique approach that gets results.

Wicus Kotze

Business Finance Professional

Wicus has a passion for helping businesses see their strengths and weaknesses from a financial perspective. His background is in ERP systems and he is a qualified Chartered accountant.

Jonathan Wills

Creative Lead and Strategist

Jonathan Pursued a design career in 2008. With a combination of skill in IT, design, strategy and prototyping he has helped many companies improve their message, user experience and branding.

How we create value

Our consulting approach is simple:

  • We listen carefully to understand what is preventing an organisation from excelling
  • We do a "fit for purpose" analysis of operations
  • We identify solutions that are practical
  • We walk a journey with the organisation’s people to implement these
What we do contact