Generate Routine Reports in Seconds, Not Hours

We want everyone to stop wasting time on routine reporting.  Pretty much every person we know who uses Excel on a regular basis spends at least 10x longer on reporting than they need to.

Did You Know…

Back in the 2010 version of Excel Microsoft released two free add-ins (Power Query and Power Pivot) that enable Excel users to do what only database experts could previously do.   With the success of these tools, just over two years ago Microsoft released it’s own “self-service analytics tool” – Power BI that complements these Excel analogues.

One of the best standard Excel functions for working with data is VLOOKUP() (at best 10x slower than working with Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI).  A  quick look at Google search term trends since 2010 from South Africa shows that very few people know how these exist – much less how to use them.

Note that for this period the overall relative popularity is:

  • vlookup: (South Africa) – 66%
  • power pivot + powerpivot: (South Africa) – 21%
  • power bi: (South Africa) – 11% (and climbing fast!)
  • power query: (South Africa) – 3%

Power BI for Excel Users

We want more people to make the transition from traditional Excel reporting to reporting with these “Power Tools” – especially Power BI.  We’re starting with a one day course which we’ll be running in Durban and Johannesburg.

After attending the course the delegates will be able to replace their existing Excel reports by:

  • Replacing copy-paste of data with “Query” and “Refresh”
  • Creating flexible measures that replace formulae
  • Creating reports that have dynamic click-&-explore charts
  • Generating daily, weekly or monthly reports in seconds

>> If you’d want to experience this time saving for yourself before the course, take our 3:47 data challenge.

If you’d like to book on our course use this link: Booking Form

The cost of the course is R3 950 which includes:

  1. Tuition from Practicing Experts
    • Our trainers are our expert consultants who have and are currently developing reports and tools in Excel and Power BI.  They have plenty of examples and tips to share with the class
  2. A Follow-up Call for Your Specific Report
    • Within a month of the course, the course trainer is available for a scheduled call to help with any specific problems you have with the Power BI report you’ve developed in line with the training content of the course.
  3. Course Materials with a Learning Community
    • The slide packs from the training together with any ad hoc content shared during the training sessions will be made available to delegates.  Furthermore, delegates will be invited to our collaborative sharing platform (Slack) to continue to share learnings and material with other delegates after the course.
  4. Tea and Lunch and Connection
    • Our meals are legendary and come packed with wholesome food and even better conversation with the community of delegates.  Half the value of doing the course live is making connections and sharing while eating together (p.s. most of our trainers are artisan sourdough bakers)

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